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Before the "what are your predictions for 2015" questions start cropping up...

Precise predictions are usually a game of luck, especially when made about something as chaotic as society and economics. General trends are something that can be estimated, especially if there's math and a model involved, but actually nailing down specific events are pretty much fantasy. To quote myself here a year ago,
Any correct predictions will likely be just luck. For example, I could predict that oil will be more expensive than it is now, but if high energy prices cause the economy to tank, demand will dry up and the price would fall.
Totally nailed it, but, of course, how could I miss?
I've gone back through through the archives to see how previous predictions have gone, and it ain't pretty. A summary of the good and bad:
It's also noteworthy that the top post in /collapse is this one, explaining the reasons for quitting the subreddit. It makes me think that despite all the crazy noise here, the majority are serious analysts, disinterested in conspiracy theories and prepping. It keeps me here, and keeps me interested.
Nailed it. Having pissed off everyone by mocking their favorite cause, or by not including the one catastrophe actually underway that they think is a scientific conspiracy, here are a few noteworthy predictions or comments:
JoeBFront predicted a year ago:
cuban trade embargo will end
Hillsfar got a few right in his shotgun approach last year (but some clunkers as well, like stable oil prices):
Edward Snowden will likely get his one-year asylum in Russia extended.
The Syrian conflict will continue, Bashar al-Assad will remain in power over his parts
Japan will likely be able to hold on to the value of the yen for another year or several despite massive debts and money printing, and an aging populace. China will stay the course, or try to, but real estate prices will drop faster, along with economic growth.
howtospeak may have nailed it with this cryptic comment (depending on meaning and whether production falls in 2015):
2015 will be the first waves of the final oil shocks, meaning that late 2014 is going to be interesting.
PREVIOUSLY MADE PREDICTIONS. Have you found past predictions of note made on this subreddit? Let's see them. I'll add them to the list. Also, let's avoid specific awful predictions. No need to embarrass individuals.
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